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Policy Advocacy Overview

The National Housing Trust advances federal, state, and local policies that create equitable and sustainable communities by safeguarding our nation's affordable homes. We work with our partners to preserve and improve affordable housing by:

  • Shaping legislation and policy implementation to protect existing housing resources;
  • Documenting successful, cost effective and replicable affordable housing preservation state and local policy solutions;
  • Leading a coalition of affordable housing preservation advocates and practitioners known as the Preservation Working Group; and
  • Providing research and analysis on our nation's at risk affordable homes.

The National Housing Trust works on a broad array of issues as we safeguard affordable homes, including neighborhood stabilization, green building, transit oriented development, and smart growth development.


Learn More:

Federally Subsidized Affordable Housing >>

We encourage federal policymakers to ensure that appropriate regulatory and legislative action is taken to protect and improve federally subsidized affordable homes.


Green Preservation >>

We advance policies that simultaneously support greening and preserving affordable housing.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit >>

We work in almost every state to ensure that the Low Income Housing Tax Credit remains a critical resource for preserving and improving affordable housing.

State and Local Preservation Resources >>

We consistently encourage state and local governments to target their limited housing subsidy resources towards improving existing affordable homes. We also provide a comprehensive guide to state and local preservation resources.

Transit-Connected Affordable Homes >>

We advance policies that secure and expand affordable housing opportunities near transit at both the federal level and in cities across the country.